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Excellent location for your next conference

Apple Hotel has three conference rooms, ranging from a smaller one perfect for smaller meetings to a larger one for bigger events. Just outside the hotel are free parking places for conference guests and inte the lobby areas are couches and chairs perfect for discussions in small groups.


Ingrid Marie

Ingrid Marie is our most popular conference room with great facilities for both conferences, meetings and educations. There is a large whiteboard, projection screen, curtains for darkening and paper and pens to all guests. Projector and small speakers can be booked and pens to both paper and whiteboard are always there. Ingrid Marie has windows along one wall and is close to both the lobby and exit to the terrace and garden.

Size: 88 square meters
Theatre: max. 80 people
Classroom: max. 50 people
U-shape: max. 35 people 

Granny Smith

For meetings, smaller conferences or dinners, Granny Smith is the perfect room! Here you have a whiteboard with pens, projekctor screen and paper and pens for all guests. Along one wall there are windows and an exit directly out on the terrace. Granny Smith is close to the lobby with plenty of opportunities to sit and discusse in small groups.

Size: 62 square meters
Theatre: max. 45 people
Classroom: max. 30 people
U-shape: max. 20 people


Downstairs from the lobby lies Aroma, which is our largest conference room, suitable for both large conferences and educations, but also events and releases. Aroma has a small stage and projector screen, as well as its own lounch area with seating areas. Here you can have a larger event and still keep the guests together. Projector, speaker and microphone can be booked and paper and pens are available for all guests.

Size: 176 square meters
Theatre: max. 170 people
Classroom: max. 80 people
U-shape: max. 80 people

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